Welcome Home

18th century building completely renovated by us, you will find large bedrooms, common areas including a Library, Vinyl lounge, Movie room and a large common dining room where we cook and heat over a wood fire.

There is also a small living room with a mountain view, a cloakroom for your sports equipment, fireplaces, and a table d'hôtes service.



Offering views of the village, the torrent and the mountain, Eau Berges in Vicdessos offers bed and breakfast accommodation and a dormitory room.

With a common lounge, a terrace, a balcony, a library, a vinyl lounge and a cinema, you will find a relaxing corner in which to sit in all seasons.

The place offers a table d'hôtes, picnic, brunch and coffee service, all reserved for customers.

A fresh, local breakfast is served daily.

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Local, seasonal, homemade cuisine.

possibility of adapting to all diets, allergies, intolerances...


the Cloakroom

no matter what the sport
Here in a heated and secure space on the ground floor you can change, store your sports equipment, and even dry it by the fire.

The Movies

projection room
Every evening at 9pm, a projection of an old or contemporary film will be offered. Free and optional, this room can also be used as a projection room for a moment with friends, colleagues or family.

The Library

and vinyl lounge
If you want to take a break and relax, this room has plenty of seats and sofas to make the most of our selection of books and audio materials. A desk is also available if you want to do some work while others are sleeping...

the Terraces

Yes, two! 
One covered and one uncovered for your comfort. You will find many plants and our vegetable gardens in tiers, high tables and garden furniture, an outdoor bar for summer dinners, all fenced in for the safety of all.


and not just one!Because two boxes are better than one, you will have quality wifi throughout your home for your connected devices or for teleworking. If one of the two boxes is too far away or suffers any damage, the second one takes over.

The Newspaper

every day, 6 days a week
Want to stay connected to the world? Don't worry, our news comes to us every day around 11:30am with the delivery of a daily newspaper. You'll also find local headlines and announcements of events in the region. And more? You have free online access to get it as soon as it is published.


We do not accept dogs or other pets.

Even though we cherish them and have two of our own (which you will only see in their little park in the cloakroom, but not in the common areas or in the rooms or sanitary facilities) we do not accept pets because we have made the choice to accept families with small children, and wish to avoid fear, unfriendly encounters, allergies... We do accept guide animals, and can recommend holiday destinations in the area for your pets.

No Bath, No Pool, No Spa

We do not have a bathtub, swimming pool or spa. Rest assured, you will always have something to bathe in! Indeed, you are in the heart of a region that seems to be full of water, but like all our territory, it suffers during the hottest seasons. So we are doing our bit by not offering these services but by directing you to natural spas, thermal baths, bodies of water and cold or hot springs, all for a small price, sometimes even free! Let's enjoy together what nature already offers.

Not entirely smoke-free

The whole of our establishment is non-smoking. However, in order to accommodate as many of our guests as possible, you will find on the balcony as well as on our two terraces, ashtrays to be placed on the ground or on the wall, so that you can smoke in the open air, and even sheltered if necessary. In the event that we have to share a space with non-smokers who are bothered by smoke, the latter will always have priority of use and smokers will be asked to move away a little to light a cigarette!

Payment methods

We accept all credit cards, but remote and on-site payments are made by links sent either via mobile or via e-mail.
We also accept payments by check (subject to presentation of a valid identity document corresponding to the check and for a maximum amount of €200) and cash payments.
You can also pay by bank transfer, but the latter must be received by our account before taking possession of the room(s).

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Use this space to focus on the thing which make you great.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Use this space to focus on the thing which make you great.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Use this space to focus on the thing which make you great.